Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cherry Blossoms

We accept the graceful falling
Of mountain cherry blossoms,
But it is much harder for us
To fall away from our own
Attachment to the world.



Delwyn said...

Hi Dan,
whilst looking at this lovely sakura I wondered why I would want to fall away from my attachment to the natural world. I feel I am becoming more and more attached to it's beauty and calm...

Happy Sakura Days

Margaret Pangert said...

Yes, nature accepts the cycles of life and is able to let go at every step. We get so caught up emotionally, we can't always detach. Our family farm is on the way to Balls Ferry. It boggles my mind that I would run across someone who has been by there. I went to Chico State... I like your blog, Dan.

Dan Gurney said...


The attachment talked about here is the sort of clinging that interferes with the flow and connection you're describing. We really experience the beauty and calm of the world when we're not trying to hold on to it.

Sarah Lulu said...

Cherry blossoms are favourites of mine ...they make me feel nothing but hope ...