Sunday, May 31, 2009

Garden Walk

A group of Sebastopol citizens (OK, I confess, it's us and friends of ours) sponsors free monthly walks about town to promote walking and community. Saturday's 4 mile walk about town attracted 93 walkers.

This large group of walkers toured 7 backyard gardens in town. Three of the yards were owned by professional landscapers and three yards were owned by committed amateur gardens, and one, ours, was a more ordinary garden.

Walkers gather at the Town Square to begin the Garden Tour.

93 people walking down the street tend to stretch out a bit.

The pond at Eric Olsen's house. His yard was like the Garden of Eden: edibles everywhere.

Kathy Oetinger, a skillful amateur gardener, talks about her garden.

In Arlene Kallen's back yard.
Arlene's been a friend since forever.
She recently retired from her career as Sebastopol's librarian.

In Nick Kishmirian's yard. He's a neighbor, friend, fellow hiker, and professional landscaper.

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Delwyn said...

Hi there Dan

What a lovely community activity and a legitimate way to snoop at your neighbours' garden...
And such a big turn out too. You must have a very active involved community.

On Sunday I did a 'bush tucker' walk with a group from the Noosa Parks Assoc. - about 15 of us I suppose, and mainly elderly - I felt quite a spring chicken!!
But I learned a lot of names for trees and shrubs I walk past each day so was very happy, then bought a Native plant guide for Noosa too, so am now getting very informed!

Happy Days