Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sailing on the Bay

A good way to go sailing is with friends on their boat. The "pride of ownership" isn't worth the costs and headaches from where I sit.

Perhaps an even better way is to go with a friend who has a membership in a Sailing Club that owns a bunch of boats and lets its members take them out.

Last month a group from my sailing club including my sailing and teaching pal, Mike Witkowski, went down to Sausalito to sail a 38 foot catamaran (an Australian-built Seawind 1160) as the guest of our Commodore, Steve Sarsfield. Steve's a member of the Modern Sailing Club. Steve is certified to take out any boat in their fleet.

Steve planned the whole event, including lunch and dinner on the boat.

Did I mention that he prepared a plate of snacks to tempt us as we got ready to cast off?

We sailed outside the Golden Gate where we saw dolphins, seals, and quite a few pleasure boats. It's often quite wild outside the Gate, but on this cruise we enjoyed light winds and warm temperatures.

Steve encouraged everyone to take a turn at the wheel. I skippered the boat from Alcatraz Island to Angel Island. I enjoyed taking the helm in the best winds all day, which seldom reached 10 knots.

Had a turn on the winches, too.

We got back to the dock as darkness fell after a full day of sailing on the San Francisco Bay.


Alden said...

Great post Dan. I would love to sail on San Francisco Bay sometime. I have learnt from my reading over the years that San Franciso has a great sailing tradition and culture and a bay full of beautiful yachts - thanks for taking me sailing on your blog!

Delwyn said...


A lovely day on the sea for you. You are fortunate to have access to the sailing clubs.

As Enja says...

'Sail away, sail away, sail away....'

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Alden,

I thought of you on that day; you were along on the trip in spirit. San Francisco Bay has excellent sailing conditions, as long as you enjoy strong summer winds and cold summer fog. It can be exciting, exhilarating, if not downright scary sailing. We've got lots of interest, but per capita I think you New Zealanders beat us in sailing interest talent, and commitment.

Dan Gurney said...


Yes, sailing is fun. I'm definitely smitten with sailing fever. The romance of the sailboat can cast a spell over me.

Sarah Lulu said...

An Aussie Cat? *smile* ...I have sailed on those myself.

I'm such a dummy I didn't even know you were in San Fransisco until this post!

When can I visit?

Dan Gurney said...

Sarah Lulu,

Yes, an Aussie cat. I thought of my blogging Aus/NZ friends a lot as I sailed on it.

You can visit any time. We have a Mediterranean climate here, so it's nice year round. Summers can be especially nice.

Katherine said...

What a lovely day, enjoyed vicariously! Thanks Dan!
Those snacks looked lovely too!