Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Day

Today, I am grateful for the expressions of appreciation that I received at work today.

  • Dashiel gave me a balloon bouquet.
  • The Student Council put on a breakfast buffet which you can read about over on Mr. Kindergarten.
  • And the PTO brought in a masseuse who gave me a wonderful massage this afternoon.

It's psychic income.


Delwyn said...

It is very clear that you are a much loved and appreciated teacher. They will be very sad when you eventually do leave. How much longer will you stay at the school do you think now that you have rescinded your resignation?

Happy Days

Sarah Lulu said...

You are my favourite kindergarten teacher.

Nothing beats a balloon bouquet.

Dan Gurney said...


I really don't know. I have some homework to do about the retirement system...and life's looking more and more uncertain with the collapse of capitalism as we've known it in the US. One of the kids at Open House tonight said, "You should teach here the whole rest of your life!"


Dan Gurney said...

Sarah Lulu,

Thank you! My job is nice: lots of hugs are included as a fringe benefit.

Alden said...

Dan, I know how you feel about this retirement gig. I have taken this term off and may retire at the end of the term in June of this year. There is a lot to think about as you say. All that I would say is that when you are really ready to go, you will know.

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Alden,

I just signed up the next year's class of kindergartners. I've got 6 grandstudents in my class. I have to say, I felt a rush of delight in teaching so many children of former students....and the idea of retirement began to recede over the horizon, along with the sailboats that accompany my visions of retirement.