Monday, May 25, 2009

A Walk Across the Laguna

Just before sunset I set out for a walk across the Laguna de Santa Rosa.

I hoped that the seasonal bridge would be in, and it was.

The Laguna's waters are quiet all summer long.

100 years ago, the waters much more extensive and included lakes.

The earliest settlers went on boating excursions. Much of the wetlands were "reclaimed" for agricultural uses. Today, the remnants of the Laguna afford habitat for the wildlife that survived human interference.

My friend Richard Nichols was a leader in preserving and restoring what was left when he began taking an interest in the Laguna 20 years or so ago.

This bench has a plaque that features
an appreciation of our earth by Alice Walker.

We have a beautiful mother.
Her green lap immense,
Her brown embrace eternal,
Her blue body everything we know.

The mile-long loop trail
Through a peaceful savanna
Good day, dear, sweet Earth.


Delwyn said...

Hello Dan,
this is a very peaceful early sunset walk. Is is close to home?
Is the water way like a large pond or lagoon?
Where you walk through the mown grass is that a reserve?

Alice Walker's poem has to go in my collection too...
You are a valuable resource!!

Thank you my lover of nature friend...

Happy Days

Margaret Pangert said...

Dan, I love your haiku, especially as the accompanying photo echoes your words. And that bench with the Alice Walker quote is so perfect. Green, brown, blue are wonderful colors to evoke: the earth and its seas and oceans, rivers and streams. Funny how I only think of Santa Rosa as a cut-off to the Russian River and Sonoma...

Delwyn said...


Thanks Margaret for pointing out Dan's haiku, I got lost in the content and didn't notice the form.
Well done Dan - I love the way that a haiku can nutshell a scene or experience.

Happy days

Sarah Lulu said...

So restful ....

Dan Gurney said...


It's very close to home; I walk there from my house, car free. In the winter, the Laguna can get lake like, but ordinarily it's a slow, narrow channel of water that flows north 13? miles from Cotati to Forestville.

The mown grass passes through what we call "open space" around here. It's land that is protected from private development. (Thank goodness!!)

Dan Gurney said...

Margaret, thank you for noticing the haiku. Delwyn's influence should be obvious. I love her posts and this one is a nod towards hers. Sebastopol is surrounded by natural wonders, so it's not surprising that one should see us as a turn-off to other places: everywhere we turn we see something of beauty.

Delwyn said...

Hi Dan,
this morning I checked the tanglewood vines and can report back to you that they wind the morning glory...
I will watch out for other vines to see if they are the same...or as your brother says they vary according to species.

Happy Days

richard nichols said...

Ah, the Laguna, our close to home treasure.