Monday, June 29, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Delwyn awarded me the “Honest Scrap” award with a request to write 10 honest things about myself.

OK. Let’s start with this. I have learned that what I say or write can have impacts larger than I imagine.

Because of this awareness, I practice “wise speech” to the best of my limited ability. It’s hard.
  1. In all honesty, I have to restrain the impulse at times to shade the truth. Whenever I catch myself in the act of speaking falsely, I correct myself.
  2. I fight the impulse to omit important facts with intent to deceive. When I catch myself intending to deceive someone this way, I either tell it like it is or I simply restrain myself from talking.
  3. I think carefully now when deciding what to say and—just as important—what NOT to say.
  4. The impulse to engage in gossip persists. When it’s really hard to keep my mouth closed, I push up my tongue—HARD—up against the roof of my mouth. I keep pushing until the urge to say something harmful fades away sufficiently that I can relax my tongue.
  5. I sometimes engage in idle chatter. A great deal of what I say is just that old wind bag, Mr. Ego, talking.
  6. I swear at home, sometimes, especially if there’s no one to hear my oaths but my cat.
  7. I communicate better when I concentrate on listening. If I can manage to keep what I have to say to a minimum, my words have more effect.
  8. I have a hard time keeping dark theories (conspiracy and doomsday) to myself. I annoy people when I get going on these topics, so I try to keep my mouth closed. Whatever "preaching" I've done on these topics has, as far as I know, converted no one. This sort of speech is worse than halitosis.

And, that’s 8, not 10, honest things about me. To continue would be idle chatter.


Delwyn said...

Hi dan

this is an interesting approach. I also wrote the 10 things today but not as self aware as yours....
I like #4. I must remember that when the thrall of gossip envelops me...

Your points are all good reminders to monitor speech and choose wisely.
I found when I was counselling with all the listening I did I became much better at understanding people, and as giving advice is inappropriate in that context, I learned new ways to help people to see things differently and to make better choices for themselves.

thanks for sharing these ideas and truths about Dan...

Happy Days

Sarah Lulu said...

Congratulations Dan!

I had no idea you were into conspiracy theories!

Dan Gurney said...

I wouldn't say I'm that into conspiracy theories. More like they're into me.

I try not to think about them too much because when I do I end up talking about them, much to the annoyance of whoever is around me.

It's better to be peaceful, happy, joyful, positive, helpful and considerate. As A.J. Musto said,

"There is no way to peace. Peace is the way."