Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Friends Meeting, Part 6 Green Sangha

Debra shared information about the Sonoma County Chapter of Green Sangha. We meet the 4th Sunday of the month in Debra's home in the SRJC neighborhood of Santa Rosa. For Mischa and Sue, and anyone else in our sangha who wants to learn more about Green Sangha, I have included the link to the website, below my signature. Our chapter now has a blog on the website, so you can read about our Garden Wheel project in Sonoma County.

Here is what I share with our group:

The Principles of Green Sangha

What distinguishes Green Sangha activism from other kinds of activism?

  1. One Body
    A poet wrote, "Throughout the universe One Body revealed." We are the earth, sky, oceans and the entire planet. Of course we love the planet. It is us!
  2. Clarifying Motivation
    Love (without boundaries) is our true nature. Motivation comes from the recognition that we are not separate from any aspect of life. We are love without boundaries serving itself.
  3. Compassionate Action
    We see in our lives the same greed and confusion that we oppose. This helps us to have compassion for others. We fight the confusion that causes suffering, not the person who is confused. There is no "other" to fight against anyway; we simply meet ourselves.
  4. Questioning Ourselves
    We constantly live with the questions of what is authentic, loving, and appropriate action. We're willing to not know and be open to other points of view. We know we could be wrong.
  5. Being With What Is
    We meet injustice without becoming lost in it. An over-identification with injustice leads to despair or rage. Alternately, meeting life in an intimate yet spacious way allows for a more creative and potent response.
  6. Holding Stories Lightly
    Who would we be and how would we act without the story that reality isn't supposed to appear the way it does? Without a story, the sense of a separate "I" dies, revealing our true nature as love without boundaries.
  7. Integrity
    As spiritual activists, we stand together in our commitment to be that which we are trying to bring about in the world: peace and love.
  8. Holding Roles Lightly
    We hold the role of activist lightly, while thoroughly engaging in the work of the activist. We are more effective when we act from our true identity as Life itself, instead of identifying with our roles which are a mere fraction of our true selves.

Debra Birkinshaw
Board Member, Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County

Here is a link for more information:

Green Sangha


Alden Smith (Nick name - Pal) said...

I am deeply moved by 'The Principles of Green Sangha' probably because they contain within them the ring of truth.

Dan Gurney said...

Yes, thank you Alden. I think a number of the people in my Sangha (Society of Friends of the Buddha) are going to join the Green Sangha. I like the idea of *doing* something to help both the inner and outer world.

Anonymous said...

From Debra: Greetings all green-thumbed Bodhisattvahs! Our chapter welcomes all who desire to come together and work for environmental conservation. And thank you, Sangha brother Dan, for your unfailing encouragement and support. I feel that I am residing in the four heavenly abodes,(lovingkindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity), when I enter your abode for our sitting practice.

Our Green Sangha Sonoma County is gearing up to launch the Garden Wheel Project on October 24, the international day of action for climate protection organized by 350.org. We have invited our local legislators and the Board of Supervisors to join us on this day. Our actions are designed to alert everyone to the upcoming climate protection summit in Copenhagen, so we can support our leaders to get behind legislation that will reduce carbon emissions and protect the habitats of all sentient beings. Our local event is registered at http://www.350.org My email is cognizant2@hotmail.com

Dan Gurney said...

Debra, you do a lot to contribute to the wonderful feelings on Tuesday nights.