Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Clay Spirit

I count myself lucky to know so many poets as friends. Today I wish to feature a poem by my friend, Raphael Block called Clay Spirit:

Clay Spirit


I feel the warm clay bowl

of my mother's making

cradling my fingers.

Solidly thrown

her name etched on the bottom

the beige glaze

reflects a range

of creamy whites to speckled browns

just like her eyes.

My hands rest

on its generous rim.

What feelings traveled through hers

to mine? She who transmitted so much

so much that I rejected

and now hold sacred.

—Raphael Block


steven said...

hi dan, a beautiful post! it's intriguing being a dad and a son because the long tail of who i was as a son reveals itself in my own son's work. as a result, much of what i learned from my father - things i perceive as "wrong" or "right" - are quite different to the way i perceived them as his son. a relational mobius strip. have a peaceful day. steven

Dan Gurney said...

Yes, those of us who are privileged to experience the parent/child relationship from both sides of that slash are very lucky. We get to see the ground beneath us shift as we become the person we loved/hated as we grew up. I've opened to both the pain and trauma I suffered in childhood and opened also to forgiveness for my father and mother. And the strength of love I feel for my kids surprises me. It's quite a mix of feelings. Paradoxes. Conundrums.

Margaret Pangert said...

A very showing, not telling, kind of poem. Love it. And Moms know that rejection is part of growing up, becoming independent.

Delwyn said...

Hi Dan

we think of these things more as our parents fade and conversely as our children want to break free of us and our foibles.

And I remember those same frustrations.

My Dad is fading rather quickly. He is now in a home, close by my mother so she is able to walk around for the mid day meal and visit.
He is a bit rambly but so stubborn and determined to be as independent as he can.
I hope that he picks up after the trauma of being placed in care (which he agreed to without fuss surprisingly) and after recovering from the stroke. He is not eating and getting very frail...Such a sad time...

Happy days

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Delwyn— yes it sounds like your dad is readying himself for a journey beyond this life. Especially if he's agreed to live in a care facility when he's ordinarily stubborn. I hope he is surrounded by much love. Sad times... be well.