Friday, July 31, 2009

Pick It Up, Man!

Last Saturday morning a group of friends joined us for a walk across the Laguna.
(Our walks series started a year and a half ago with six walkers. We've grown!)

All morning we enjoyed the beauty.

Along the way I noticed litter by the trail.

Yesterday I picked it up.


steven said...

dan, you're a good man. the first step is to clean up after others. the next step is to get others to pick up after themselves. the idea of dropping garbage as you visit somewhere is something i've never understood. really truly. i can't connect to it. but it's commonplace and so i love that you have taken the time to share the gift of your time and energy and make sure that the walk looks even more beautiful than you found it. have a peaceful evening. steven

Dan Gurney said...

Thank you, Steven.

There's something odd and unexpected about picking up other people's trash (OPT).

When I see OPT and leave it on the ground, OPT is really annoying and disgusting. When I pick it up and carry it away, the annoyance I felt transforms to joy.

I first learned this with my kindergartners, picking up the playground as we ride bikes together. Now I OPT for joy in regular life, not just in kindergarten.

Delwyn said...

Hi Dan

gosh it is looking dry there. Is that usual for this time of year?
Do you have bush fires in your area?

You will - are - being rewarded for your efforts...

Happy days

Dan Gurney said...

Our rainy season begins in November and extends through March, petering out in April. From May through October we see very little rain, so, yes, it's usually dry.

We have bush fires, but we call them forest or brush fires. Because of global warming, the "fire season" is now twelve months long in some parts of California.

Here in Sebastopol, we're quite close to the foggy coastline and fires are of little concern except during occasional heat waves when the foggy onshore summer breezes fail to blow.

Margaret Pangert said...

Nice service, Dan, and shame on those Californians! They should know better! I can't believe that bagful! Here's an idea for your Kindergarten class: Have them stand in a straight line on the playground every Friday with a bag and walk across the field picking up garbage until they reach the other side. One time I had the class bury two bags at the beginning of the year, one full of biodegradables, the other with synthetic materials. When we dug them up at the end of the year, the synthetic materials were like new while in the other everything had disintegrated. (Unfortunately, to the students that meant the synthetics were better products!)