Monday, July 6, 2009

The Sun Kings

Marc, Richard, Brenda, and I went yesterday afternoon to see a Beatles cover band called The Sun Kings. There are 5 members in the band; together they sound just like the fab four, John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

Marc is a fan. Earlier he had encouraged me to come to one of their performances. He told me that they get so close to the sound of the Beatles that if you close your eyes, you'll think you're listening to their recordings.

The Sun Kings set began with early material and progressed to Abbey Road. When they began playing, I thought that they must be lip syncing. The audio-illusion amazed me with its detailed accuracy. I kept my eyes open to see if they were actually making the music I was hearing. It was that close. As the concert went on, I began to be able to distinguish subtle differences between the original Beatles and The Sun Kings.

They made no effort to look like the Beatles. No need—they SOUND like them.

If you're a San Francisco Bay area resident and enjoy the music of the Beatles, check them out. I told Sarah about them, and she wants to come along to the next concert. They're playing up our way on August 4 in Rio Nido.


Delwyn said...

Hi Dan

that sounds like fun, now I am going to guess that one of your songs, at least, on the 5x5 meme could be a Beatles tune?

Happy days

Dan Gurney said...

Hi Delwyn,

During my walk late this afternoon I was thinking about you--sending you my best wishes for a speedy recovery and cheerful spirits--and thinking about the 5x5 meme. The songs I'm considering don't include a Beatles tune, but only missed a little. The 5 songs will be ones that I actually sing with my class...songs I've passed along heart to heart.

Heavenly days

Margaret Pangert said...

Wow! that is really cool! I'm doing a Mary Magdalene celebration at our church July 22, and I've chosen Let It Be as the processional song. I also loved Imagine. i liked seeing their music develop over the years.

Dan Gurney said...

Let It Be is a wonderful choice for your event. John wrote many amazing songs after leaving the Beatles.

Alden Smith (Nick name - Pal) said...

I think I will go buy a plane ticket and come and listen, always liked the Beatles, pity I was too young at the time, I would have made a great addition to their band. :-)

Dan Gurney said...

Hey, Alden, if you do come east across the Pacific, I hope you'll look me up. We can go see the Sun Kings, go sailing on the bay, and you can help me teach the kindergartners.