Monday, August 24, 2009

35 Years

Today Sarah and I will celebrate 35 years of marriage.

We were married not far from here on Angel Island where we could look across the sailboats in the bay at the city of San Francisco, and the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges. It was a wonderful, but very simple wedding attended by family and close friends. We vowed to be loving and truthful to ourselves, to each other, and to the Earth. We've done a good job honoring those vows.

Tonight we'll celebrate our marriage in a simple and quiet way with flowers, wine, and chocolate all made quite near our home.

I am very grateful for the gifts our marriage has given ourselves, our children, and our community.


steven said...

dan and sarah, i sense goodness about your lives in the world and for that i am deeply grateful. i know that a good marriage begets goodness also and so congratulations for having found each other and for honouring that serendipitous moment by sharing thirty five years together. have a peaceful and gentle evening. steven

Sarah Lulu said...

Congratulations to Dan and Sarah.

How lovely. How blessed you are.

with much love,

Sarah in Australia.

Delwyn said...

Hello Dan

Best wishes to you and Sarah for your celebration today.

and well done for making your marriage a lasting, loving relationship.

Happy days

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

How satisfying it must feel to have lived up to those vows. Congratulations, have a lovely celebration together.

Reya Mellicker said...

Congratulations and happiest anniversary! I salute you both! And many more.

Love the banner. That is SO coastal California. I'll be walking on that landscape tomorrow! Can't wait.

Dan Gurney said...

Steven, Sarah Lulu, Delwyn, Bonnie, and Reya--thank you all. You're my bloggy penpal buddies. We had a wonderful evening together. Yes, Bonnie, they've been good vows. (I'm sort of amazed that we came up with such good vows at such a young age back in those DIY vow days.) Reya, enjoy the Golden State!

Margaret Pangert said...

Congratulations to Dan and Sarah! What a wonderful achievement to have lived up to your personal vows all these years and as a result to live in that bliss.
Were you married just as a new year of school was beginning? What an ice-breaker every year to celebrate your anniversary just as you leave for that first day of school.
I've been watching my map of California every time a new fire claims thousands more acreage. Would you have seen the Santa Cruz smoke? And there was smoke on Mount Lassen: my family owns one acre of Lassen Park, but I don't think it was burned, just "smoked."
I thought about your comments on The Art of Learning. Tiger Woods adhered to these principles, too. And he came in second for the last title (I believe the U.S. Open?) to an Asian who used eastern and western techniques also. Makes me want to get back into more yoga. Kundalini is my favorite.
Thanks for visiting my blog after I was away, Dan. I had gone to the New Jersey shore (Island Beach State Park near Pelican Island which Teddy Roosevelt declared a protected place). Good luck this year! Peace

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Margaret! Thank you.

When we got married we never imagined our anniversary would be gobbled up by the school year. Back then, school started in the second week of September. Who knew the first day of school would ever creep forward in the year all the way into mid August?

We didn't see any of the smoke from Santa Cruz. We're pretty far north of there, but feel a kinship to Santa Cruz, as it's about as progressive politically as Sebastopol.

We are at a time in human history when the wisdom of the east is integrating with the drive of the west. It will be interesting to see what results. Hopefully something good. I think what we really need is an infusion of the deep, vast, and incredible wisdom of the Native American cultures which we white folks in the past did way too much to erase.