Monday, August 17, 2009

Last Day of Summer

After a day of sailing on the Tomales Bay, I hiked to the top of a mountain, Mount Barnabe, with wife, Sarah, and our friends Richard and Brenda. We like hiking with R & B because they're so experienced that we just go along for the walk. They do all the planning and thinking and guiding.

Dan, Richard, Sarah, Brenda on the way up.

At the top of the peak we got a view of distant Tomales Bay northwest of us.


steven said...

yeah seeing the big expanse like the whole of summer, the whole of life just spread out before you... the big thankyous for good friends, the gift of a full summer!!! it's all in these pictures. mmmmmm. steven

Dan Gurney said...

Life IS good!! I am very grateful for the fact that being a teacher provides a nice expanse of summertime to explore my inner and outer natural world more deeply. You clearly know what I'm talking about....