Sunday, November 8, 2009

Moon Time

Playing the Native American flute as part of my morning meditation practice has subtly heightened my awareness of the natural world. It's as if Native American wisdom seeps in to my heart with the music that comes through me.

The music I make impelled me to order a couple of pendants, one of a wolf howling at the moon and the other of a snarling grizzly bear. I'm not the sort of guy who goes for talismans or jewelry...but.... something's shifted.

 I wear the howling wolf from the first quarter moon until the last quarter moon, the approximately two-week period when the moon is half full and more than half full.

When the moon is less than half full I wear the grizzly bear pendant around my neck. The bear's energy feels right in the dark nights. I'll start wearing the grizzly pendant tomorrow and keep it on for the next two weeks as the sun shines on the backside of the moon, the side we never see.

For two weeks the moon will take its turn being closer to the sun than the earth.
There is something about being in moon time that helps me feel grounded to the earth. It's a non-clock cyclic time that the rest of life, fungi, plants, and animals alike live in. It's a lovely and beautiful realm.


Margaret Pangert said...

That's a beautiful idea, Dan. These pendants are exquisite. I love the idea so much I pulled out my sun bear book called Dancing with the Wheel, the Medicine Wheel Workbook. Interestingly enough, the grizzly bear is considered one of the four spirit keeper animals, one for each direction, and the grizzly is the West. Look at the synchronicity of that! The colors are blue and black; the season is autumn; the time of day is twilight; and the time of life is adulthood and maturity. The grizzly represents a problem solver who is established in family and career. To communicate with your spirit keeper, begin with playing the flute/drum/chant. Isn't this too eerie? If you would like me to scan and email these pages to you, just let me know. The wolf is a totem animal and represents love. It is a loving family and community animal. I also have a book called Earth Medicine by Jamie Sans which has a page for each moon day. It's somewhat hard to follow because our month is still going on when you have to start a new moon with Jamie. You have to write the dates down every year to be exact. This is something beautiful and sacred that you're doing, Dan, and I feel so compelled to "dance with the wheel" myself. I'm drawn to owls, so I'll start there. Thank you!

Delwyn said...

Hi Dan

I think the hippy in you is re-emerging!

I recently bought a CD because one of the tracks was played in the meditation section of my body balance class. You might know the artist. The CD is called Eternity and the musician is Deuter, from Santa Fe, and the track I particularly love is Kindred Spirit.

I used to use the wisdom of the power animals in adult classes I facilitated many years ago.

This last week I have twice seen foxes on the opposite river bank. I have not seen them for 25 years!

Happy flauting

Dayne Gingrich said...

Love this!

jinksy said...

Women the world over follow their own Moontime, whether they know it or not!

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Margaret. I'd love to see these pages. You can email them to me at dangurney (at) I was totally unaware of the information you shared here as I was going just on intuition, but I agree it's pretty amazingly resonant. Thank you!

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Delwyn. Yes, I've heard of Deuter. I find myself listening more and more to soothing music. Like you, I once LOOKED like a hippy, but I'm not sure I ever really was one. Among the disqualifying aspects would be fidelity to relationship and a propensity to find life amazing, completely mind-blowing without the addition of psychoactive drugs.

Dan Gurney said...

Jinksy, of course, even as a man, I'm aware of that. It strikes me as not one bit coincidental that the cycles of the moon and the cycles of women synchronize.

Alden Smith said...

Dan, songs, flute music, talismans, pendants... all these things are symbols that enable us to express some of those things that go beyond oral and written language - its a good bridge to make - religious symbols have been used as you know for millenia to do just that.

Dan Gurney said...

Yes, Alden, that's exactly it. There are feelings that precede language. Songs, flutes, art, and symbols have a way of giving us access to that more primal territory.