Friday, February 19, 2010

Calligraphy of Clouds

Jim Wilson over at Shaping Words reviewed this book, and, on his recommendation I ambled over to my local bookstore and bought a copy. I'm glad I did. I really like the wide range of topics he addresses in his Haiku and Tanka. Some are erotic. I also appreciate the fact that he usually observes the syllabic count that some Haiku writers do. It shows extra effort and care, craftsmanship. I like it. I am also pleased by his display of a gift that mostly eludes me: he manages to slip in rhymes from time to time. 

If all this weren't enough, Mr. Rotbard  teaches elementary school in addition to composing his fine poetry. Teaching, may I say from some personal experience, can be an enormously challenging and draining (but also psychologically rewarding) occupation these days. Finding the gumption to compose and self publish poetry after teaching....


I don't have time to write a formal review. I've got a classroom to get ready for Monday. Jim's review serves that purpose well. To find it, just click on this link: JIM'S REVIEW.

But I would like to share one of his Tanka poems to give you a taste of Mr. Rotbard's work. I suspect that anyone around my age might enjoy it.

Old Age

It creeps up on you
slowly, taps your shoulder, asks—
May I sit down here?
No, but sits down anyway,
and then keeps moving closer.

—Yeshaya Rotbard


Jim714 said...

Dear Dan:

I'm glad you have enjoyed "Calligraphy". And thanks for the link.


Dan Gurney said...

You're welcome, Jim. Thanks for recommending the book to me.