Thursday, March 4, 2010

The News I Need

When my computer at work went offline a month or so ago, I decided to let it be. A clear inner voice let me know that I had spent enough lunch hours chewing unconsciously while staying abreast of email and news.

The news I need is not online.

The news I need is outdoors.

Today, I got out for a sunny 30-minute lunchtime constitutional. I listened to the wind, trees, and birds. I took one photo, the one below.

I wrote this Lanterne poem upon my return.

Lunch break
Spring wind, sun
First mockingbird

I learned about Lanterne form on Shaping Words. Basically, a Lanterne poem is a Cinquain poem divided by two. You can learn all about Lanterne poetry by clicking on this phrase, here: LANTERNE POETRY. It will take you the essay on Shaping Words blog about this laconic form of poetry.


Anonymous said...

Interesting! and a nice pic too! :) The Bach

Delwyn said...

Hi Dan

thankyou for another new poetry format Dan.
I was writing something similar yesterday but then kept inserting new lost the pattern....

I'm glad you got outside to look at the sky...I did the same this afternoon in and out of showers.
I love skies...

Happy days

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

You went where the real North East West South can be seen and felt.

Wonderful how many poetry forms you have introduced us to!

Dan Gurney said...

Thanks, Bach! With the photo, I was trying to capture the sky, which was filled with dramatic clouds. I use a very simple point and shoot, but it works for me.

Dan Gurney said...

Hi Delwyn,

Thanks for your comment. I enjoy the support of a poetic structure. It helps me play with words more and more until something surprising and just right emerges. Free verse, oddly, is much more difficult for me to write. I know you're a sky lover.

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Bonnie, thank you. I love reading your blog for all the questions you raise.

Vagabonde said...

I saw your comment in Bonnie’s blog, which was “Look/listen/feel outside the box for something that's missing.” I agree 100%. I feel that in our world people are trying to do too much and missing a lot. There is constant distraction. Or they need constant distraction. We need to stop and look – to listen, even just to some birds in the yard – to feel, maybe just the wind. That is to live. We need to live for the moment.
You know, what is funny is that I wrote this before I read your blog, then thought I should read your post before ending this comment, and then realized that you ended your post with the same type of thing I just said – that is a coincidence, isn’t it? That really surprised me.

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Vagabonde,

Thanks for stopping by here and reading and commenting! Yes, to live in the moment is sublime, especially when we can drop our stories.