Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Fun Free CD and Coloring Book

 Blog fellows Todd Baio (aka Ukester Brother Sonny) and Jenny Stevning recently held a first-come, first-served Fun Free CD and Coloring Project give away on their blogs. I was the first responder.

I won!


A few days later my letter carrier left an envelope in my mailbox containing a CD by Todd and a coloring book by Jenny and Todd.

I listened and sang along to Todd's CD ("Mama's Little Baby Loves Shortnin, Shortnin, Mama's Little Baby Loves Shortennin' Brayd") on my short drive to the Russian River yesterday for another afternoon of sublime paddling.

And today I got out my Prismcolors to begin coloring. (The kindergartners will soon return, so it's good to start back into coloring!)

As Louis Armstrong sang,
"What a wonderful world!"

The Russian River downstream of Monte Rio, a quiet paddler's paradise.


Jenny Stevning said...

I am glad you won, Dan! The cover looks wonderful! (And I am drooling over the sharpened colored pencils in rainbow order!!)

Katherine said...

Lovely kayaking images Dan. Makes me long for summer down here...

steven said...

dan - i have two sets of prismacolours like the one in the photograph. one i use for colouring. the other i have just to look at!!! school supplies are the best!!! beautiful canoeing pictures. beautiful. steven

ALeks said...

Oh,what a beauty!! Im looking at your quite paddling paradise photo,wow!
Why is it Russian river?? I wish i will sometimes soon be in real life paradise like this! Wonderful that you won the fun for free colouring project book,cd and those lovely pencils,have a great fun with it! :)

Dan Gurney said...

Thank you Jenny. I love coloring and drawing, but I don't get to it too much. I'm more likely to pick up a guitar and sing.

Dan Gurney said...

Katherine. I know you love to paddle too. I'm rediscovering canoeing. I like canoes cause they
are lighter, carry more gear, and allow you to move around. A canoe with a kayak paddle is the best of both worlds.

Yes, I love following blogs from the southern hemisphere to remind me of winter in summer and vice versa.

Dan Gurney said...

steven, I remember seeing a post you did some time ago that featured a page of your journal and noting how much drawing and coloring was in it. That's cool. As I said to Jenny, when the urge to make beauty arises in me, I am usually on my way to a guitar or ukulele. Or perhaps the journal I use to compose poetry.

Dan Gurney said...

Hi ALeks-- it is unbelievable beautiful. It's called the Russian River because Russians set up a settlement along this part of the California coast whose purpose was to kill the sea otters who were once plentiful here (and now nearly extinct) for their furs. Their fur is unusually soft and warm as it would need to be to keep these cute mammals warm in the chilly 10° C waters off our coast.

ALeks said...

Oh,you mean Ashokawna,Rio Grande or Slavianka River! Very interesting,I looked for it at the Wiki,and found a lot of info about it,thank you!!

"In 1803 American ship captains already involved in the sea otter Maritime Fur Trade in California proposed several joint venture hunting expeditions to Alexander Andreyevich Baranov, on half shares using Russian supervisors and native Alaskan hunters to hunt fur seals and otters along the Alta and Baja Californian coast. Subsequent reports by the Russian hunting parties of unoccupied stretches of coast (by Europeans) encouraged the Chief Administrator of the Russian-American Company(RAC), Alexander Baranov, to consider a settlement in California north of the limit of Spanish occupation in San Francisco."
Very interesting indeed!! Thank you again!
Happy days Dan! :)

Dan Gurney said...

ALeks, yep, that's the one!

The Pollinatrix said...

Oh how I miss the Russian River :(

Congratulations on your lovely prize!

Dan Gurney said...

Thanks, Polli!