Sunday, August 22, 2010

Feeling Gratitude

Last night I dreamed I was in the parking lot in front of my school. I was loading my car with treasures from home that I had brought to share with my students—fine silverware, china, paintings, sculptures, and musical instruments.

I’m not sure exactly what the dream means. I have brought stuff from home to my kindergarten, but typically what I bring are not treasures, but the opposite: old housewares we’ve upgraded. My best musical instruments mostly stay home.

I think the dream is telling me that my work at school is enriching me, that the emotional and spiritual investments that I’ve made in my career are paying dividends that I bring home with me.

The gratitude I feel for my life's work probably comes from walking by the Patrick Amiot sculpture honoring me as I enter and leave school each day.

I feel humbled and honored by it every day. I want to live out its meaning.


steven said...

dan that's awesome! i love the sculpture and of course the simple and life-affirming requests at its base. so cool!! steven

Dan Gurney said...

thanks, steven. I'm sure that as a teacher you know exactly the feelings I'm trying to describe.

Anonymous said...

Would love to hear the story of how that sculpture came about. Please do tell.


Anonymous said...

how wonderful!!!! ha it!!!

Dan Gurney said...

Well, the parents just did it. I'm not privy to the process as it was a surprise. I was contemplating retirement a while back, and I think the parents wanted to do something to recognize the 30 years I've taught at my school.

I can tell you it feels like a LOT less than 30 years, more like 3 years. How can that be?

Dan Gurney said...

Todd, yes, it's pretty wonderful.

jeanne leigh said...

Wow, that is wonderful. So beautiful that you have loved your work so much and found a way to do what you love all these years...and then as a result...have been such a gift to the children you teach and their parents. Thank you for sharing this story. Very uplifting.