Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Kindergarten Teacher's Sunday

As a kindergarten teacher, it's important to me to refresh and nourish myself on my days off so that I can offer myself fully to the students at school during the week.

So how did this kindergarten teacher recharge on  this Sunday?

I began as I do each morning with a period of mediation to clear my mind and set my outlook for the day. I enjoyed a pot of Pu’erh tea and a small bowl of Muesli for breakfast.

I joined my ukulele group to perform for the Community Church’s Sunday service. The congregation seemed to appreciate our music. They offered us plenty of appreciation over coffee in the courtyard after the service. Maybe we'll pick up a few new strummers.

 That's me in yellow to the rear of the group.

Home to start the laundry, to eat lunch, and to make play dough for the kindergarten class to use next week. Kneading play dough is good therapy, even for me. Why does it feel so good to knead dough?

Sarah took this photo just before launching.

For the best part of the afternoon, I paddled with Sarah the Russian River's beautiful waters. The Russian River is close to our home.

Dinner, a meeting nearby with friends who form the brain trust of Sarah’s campaign. We had a lively discussion.

Home once again to wind down the day and take a few minutes to reflect upon the day before turning in early to bed.


Jenny Stevning said...

What a beautiFULL day!

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Jenny! Yes, that's what it was. Thanks for commenting.