Thursday, November 25, 2010

Feeling Grateful

Perhaps Thanksgiving is many people's favorite holiday—-it is my favorite holiday—because feeling grateful makes me happy. Today I intend to be mindful of my myriad blessings. Among them are you, my blog friends.

May you be safe, may you be happy, may you be well this Thanksgiving Day.

And if you are lucky enough to share this day with loved ones, may you enjoy their company fully. And if you feast, I hope you join me in trying to bear in mind that health is a blessing too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's a grace flavored by the spirit of gratitude:

With every morsel of food
The whole world sustains me.
With every breath of air
The whole world sustains me.
I now accept these gifts
With gratitude and attention.
May I use this sustenance
To benefit of all.


Bonnie said...

Yes, to the benefit of all.

steven said...

love's up dan - happy thank full day to you my californian friend. i'm thankful you're who you are. thankful to know you. steven

Dan Gurney said...

Thanks, Bonnie, yes to all.

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, steven, likewise, I'm thankful to know you and am grateful to read your poetic and artistic posts. It's a real treat for me.

The Pollinatrix said...

That is a wonderful grace! Thank you for sharing it, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Polli, you're welcome. And Happy Thanksgiving and holiday time, too!