Friday, December 24, 2010

Cry Easily

A poem-gift from Rumi. At Christmas, keeping our grief glistening can help us connect with our loved ones—those closest to us.

The tender heart at the center of our sentience wants us to attend to its hurting. Desire for caring/healing/wholeness connects us to each other and to all life.

The web of life is love. 

Attending to our tender hearts with love can transform the hurting energy into the joy we wish to feel (and cannot buy) at Christmas.

Rumi says it most eloquently and succinctly.
Cry Easily

Keep your intelligence white-hot
and your grief glistening
so your life will stay fresh.
Cry easily like a little baby.



LauraX said...

I think often that blogging is yet another form of the beautiful web of life through stories and love through the support of friends becoming friends and supporting one another across the globe. What an amazing time to be alive and feel so MUCH LOVE!

Happy Holidays!

Dan Gurney said...

Thank you, LauraX. Yes, surely blogging is an expression of the web of life, technological though it may be. I don't understand blogging very well. What I like about it is the writing/publishing aspect of it. As for friends, yes, and I hope that it produces the kind of material friend one can visit, hug, and have tea with. It's done that only a little. But I hope for more.

I do know I deeply trust and value and cherish my flesh-and-blood-skin-and-bones friendships. I must be watchful that my blogging doesn't interfere with engaging with my actual friends and family and community.

steven said...

dan - my own sense is that as the material and accessible is the surface layer of our experiencing (pointing to much deeper and even more real realms), connection in whatever form carries the possibility of goodness about it. jesus, mohammed, rumi, gurdjieff, john bennett, the buddha never met me and yet they affect me.
the challenge with blogging is to be available to share and receive goodness without condition. in my own experience, technology, distance, electricity, formatting or whatever line can be drawn does not moderate the connection as profoundly as the quality with which the connection is arrived at and then welcomed! peace. steven

Dan Gurney said...

steven, that's a wonderful thought and a different way of thinking about it than I'm used to. I guess I just believe that the physicality and nearness in time and space magnifies the karmic content of our interactions. Still, I totally agree that the intention is hugely important as far a karma is concerned, and technology, distance, electricity, formatting and whatever don't change the intentionality at all. So thank you for your thoughts on this.