Saturday, December 4, 2010


Tuesday evening I carpooled with friends up to the wooded hillside where Marc lives. The cold, quiet woods were damp with recent rains—a perfect setting for the warmth we would feel inside his home. We shared twenty minutes of meditation, food, fellowship, wisdom and beauty—expressed in poetry and homespun song.

In the next few days here at Mindful Heart, I hope to share with this wider audience a little of the magic we felt that evening.

I recited this poem by Hafiz:


the small man

builds cages for everyone 



while the sage

who has to duck his head

when the moon is low

keeps dropping keys all night long

for the




—hafiz translated by Daniel Ladinsky

More information about this great Sufi poet can be found here.


steven said...

oh man dan!! steven

Shaista said...

Dear Dan,
I think you might like this link to Jila Peacock, and her book Ten Poems from Hafez... I met her recently and wrote about it here...

Bonnie said...

Wonderful. I think you may have been dropping keys on this blog since its inception!

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Bonnie, that's sweet of you to say. Is there a hole in my pocket? I can't find my keys.

Dan Gurney said...

Hi Shaista, thank you for the link. Hafez is one of my all-time favorite poets.

Dan Gurney said...

steven, you're a key dropper, admit it. You ride a bike everywhere because you lost your car keys.

George said...

What a lovely poem, Dan. I've read it several times and love its trenchant, piercing message. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Lori ann said...

It would be lovely if you could maybe add a voice capture so we could hear you read as well. It would be a treat. I love to listen to Mary Oliver on my ipod sometimes when i'm walking to work.

Lori ann said...

I forgot to say that evening sounds bliss.

Dan Gurney said...

Lori ann, thank you. I agree it's really lovely when we hear the poems as well as read them. I think of Ruth over at Synch-ro-ni-zing who reads her poems and makes recordings for us. I love that! But I haven't the time. If I do anything like that it will be to post YouTubes of me playing my uke and singing. My name is Dan, and I'm a ukeaholic.

Ruth said...

I love the freedom!

Dan Gurney said...

So, were you a rowdy prisoner?