Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Myriad Miracles

our playful minds will run—scattering
in a thousand directions.
when we learn to guide our minds


with determination and the help of friends on the path

we can decide

to look for and see

to listen for and hear

to know and feel


at hand right here

right now

with this breath.


Ruth said...

What a scene, Dan! I want to run and play on that hill, overlooking the sea.

It really is a daily attention, isn't it, to guide our minds while also letting them, along with our hearts, play.

Dan Gurney said...

It was so beautiful, almost 80 degrees, warm any time of the year for this part of the California coast, but this was on February 6!! We took a nap up there, lulled to sleep by the sound of surf below.

It's a moment by moment attention. Actually, I manage to miss the wonder and grandeur of a whole lot of moments, as I tend to get lost in thinking.
But I'm getting better and better. Escaping "media mind" has really helped me. The "StuporBowl" was playing when I snapped this photo (I think) and I didn't even know who was playing.

Paul C said...

Our playful minds will run scattering in a thousand directions....until we learn to guide our minds....I like your perspective about how a mind can be trained to get more enjoyment and fulfillment out of the every day experiences. Your photo takes me back to a trip to your seacoast last fall. Wow!

Sabio Lantz said...

Great pleasure can be had from both the busy discursive mind and the focused non-discursive mind and the diffuse non-discursive mind. Freedom in all realms of mind is worth of discipline. Since the discursive mind is usually well developed in each of us, it is the other minds that we often need to
"train". But I wonder if idealizing them is also calling for another type of error.

Concerning the SuperBowl. I am a life-long distainer of sports. I am proud to say I now can actually enjoy watching a game with friends where I never could before. I understand their pleasure and can enjoy with them even though I never seek it on my own. This freedom is huge for me. I wish I could build it into all aspects of my life.

Nice "poem", btw. And gorgeous photo -- I only resented that the photo tempted envy to float up in my mind. :-) I wish blogger had smilies like WordPres.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Such beautiful words....and so true. Thanks for the reminder to keep our eyes open - everything is pretty miraculous, when we stop to think about it.

steven said...

dan there was great excitement in the super bowl but it couldn't match the excitement i felt when i spent time with the black cherry tree and noticed the colours in its bark and then the frost blow on the south facing side. icicles descending off the south side of the hosue were the final treat as they caught the late february sun and . . . the moon was hovering between them.
dan - this is one stunning beautiful breath remembering view. steven

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Paul. Yes, I saw on your blog that you went right by this place last summer. Oh how I wish we had met. Next time. I love your blog, BTW.

Dan Gurney said...

Sabio, I agree with your observation that pleasure can be obtained from many different mind states. And I agree that we tend to develop (well, some of us develop) the discursive mind, and that other sorts of mind could benefit from more development. I also agree that idealizing pretty much anything is an error, depending on what you mean by idealizing. I just notice that I spend WAY more time thinking than I enjoy and/or benefit from.

For me, it's quite a relief and quite a pleasure to go out and enjoy the sunshine when it's as nice outdoors as it was last Sunday round here.

I could have spent Sunday afternoon with friends watching football and drinking beer (or, more likely some damn good California Pinot).

I chose to spend it on a hill overlooking the Pacific with my wife on her birthday. I'm very glad to be free to do that, even if her birthday falls on Stuporbowl Sunday.

I enjoy writing "poems" as much as "prose."

Dan Gurney said...

Sherry, thank you. You obviously got my point. Everything is quite miraculous. It just takes some attention to notice it.

Dan Gurney said...

steven, I wish the world had umpteen millions of people out in nature noticing its miracles and only a small handful willing to watch men on steroids knock each other over while trying to run with or catch an oblong ball (it ain't even round!!). But I live in America.