Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brainstorming a Sound Playground

Yesterday I joined a group of visionary people to envision a new sort of sound laboratory  that doesn’t yet exist: a workshop/playground/museum for sound and music. I love brainstorming!
We envisioned a place where kids of all ages—particularly children and youth—would meet to explore and create within the sonic realm. Our place would resonate with the Crucible in Oakland, California, but a sonic version of it. Haven't heard of the Crucible? They are a non-profit collaboration of Arts, Industry, and Community. There's a link at the bottom and it is worth checking out.
We met in one of the buildings that may eventually hold this meeting place—Sonoma Mountain Village in Rohnert Park, California. This is also where a publicly-funded Waldorf Charter High School called Credo High School may soon come to be. The sound lab would be affiliated with the high school.
We talked about the sorts of activities that might take place there:
• Candidates for elementary teaching credentials learning to play the ukulele so they can sing with their class
• Anyone interested learning to play the ukulele, guitar, and other instruments
• People building musical instruments
• People learning how to run a music studio
• Singers singing together
• Instrumental musicians playing ensemble
The place needs a name, of course. We don’t have a name yet. 

Mulling it over for the last 30 hours I’ve thought of several ideas:
Sonoma Mountain Village Sound Playground  
(My favorite. I like the rhyming, and the implication of fun.)
Sonoma Mountain Village Sound Workshop 
(More businesslike)
Sonoma Mountain Village Soundatorium  
(perhaps phonetically it’s too close to sanitarium)
Rummaging around in YouTube I found these two clips of the sorts of things you might find going on inside our Sound Playground. The first is of a water phone. There is a link to the maker of these at the bottom of this post.
This second one is of a new electronic music the likes of which I've never seen before:

I’d love to hear from Mindful Heart readers what they think of these ideas.
Link to Credo High School

Link to The Crucible

Link to The Waterphone

Link to article about Darrell De Vore


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