Monday, October 10, 2011

Drake's Estero

Sunday, October 9 some Petaluma Paddlers ventured out on Drakes Bay.

Conditions were calm as we set off from the oyster farm.

We headed towards Drake's Bay

Ray at the entrance to Berrie's Bay

Berrie's Bay

Yours truly on his "new" kayak

My second outing on this boat

Inside Berries Bay

Joe and Ray

Near the mouth of Drakes Estero, about 5 miles from our launch

Here comes the rest of the group

A memorial to the privateer, Drake.

Yakkin' on the beach

Heading towards Home Bay

Laura in her new boat.

Phil and Marilyn

Potluck lunch spread. Good food.

We celebrated Ellen's 50th birthday.

A tiramisu cake!

Life is good

On her birthday paddle, Ellen's mom, her dog, and husband Larry

Happy trails!


Teresa Evangeline said...

Good food, good friends, and what looks to be a beautiful day. What fun!

steven said...

wow - the water - dan what a gift of a day!!

George said...

Great photos, Dan. Life is good, indeed!

Mania said...

Lovely photos, fantastic blog!! Regards from Greece!!

Dan Gurney said...

Teresa Evangeline, yes, it was all that. Thanks for commenting!

steven, a gift, yes. A gift.

George, I've found life so much better as I've ingested less and less toxic corporate food and information. Life is good when it's up close and real.

Mania, thanks for stopping by... all the way from Greece.

Delwyn said...

Dan, what a day...those first two shots of the glassy ocean are wonderful, especially the first for the sense of anticipation...

Happy days

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Delwyn, it was really quite a day. The weather was sublime. Yes, the glassy water at the start was wonderful. Again and again I saw leopard sharks swimming beneath my kayak as I paddled away from the oyster farm. Just wonderful.