Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Your First Adventure

The following video clip is about a quarter hour long. Though it is without words, I found it utterly captivating. I can find no words to do it justice.

Find 15 minutes. See for yourself.


Elisabeth said...

I watched the lot, stunned yet again by the complexity of life. That first sperm race is amazing and reminds me yet again of what serendipity, what luck there is in our lives. Thanks for the link.

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Elisabeth,

I am glad that you enjoyed the video. Life is, the more closely one looks, more amazing than we imagine it to be.

Alden said...

Amazing video Dan. Somehow, for me, to see this amount of complexity, reinforces the meaning of our lives in a strange sort of way - unveils the word metamorphosis in a new way and also in a strange way - gives meaning to our ultimate death - I don't mean to be too 'heavy' and 'deep' about all of that, LOL - but it is a truely moving video. :>)