Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bring Me Sunshine

After my rant about television, I thought it would be appropriate to share the sort of video I do enjoy.

I found out about this one when I ran into two of my ukulele friends, Jim & Jon, while shopping downtown. Jim Corbett told me about it.

Thanks, Jim!


Loren said...

Yep, that certainly beats most of the pap that's on television, though I probably still prefer Husky games.

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Loren,

So you watch football. The allure of sports tends to elude me. I am very glad you find time to take photographs of the avian life all around you and then share your work on your blog. The photos of the Ruby Crowned Ringlets you posted the other day were really clear.

Loren said...

You'll notice I said "Husky" sports because I'm not a huge sports fan, mainly tend to root for the college my dad, myself, and my daughter went to. Didn't even watch the Superbowl.

Not many things that will keep me from getting out and enjoying the sunshine. It's probably a good thing I live in the Pacific Northwest or I'd never get a book read, unless it's over 90° like it used to get in Walnut Creek.