Tuesday, August 25, 2015

41 Years!

Yesterday my wife and I celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary.

We rode our tandem bicycle 58 miles along the American River (near Sacramento, California) on the well-maintained Jedediah Smith Memorial Bicycle Trail used by 5 million people annually. The weather was warm and sunny. We really enjoyed riding so many miles without ever having to worry about automobile traffic.

When we got home, we showered and went out to our favorite cafe for dinner. Here's a picture of us at dessert.

Gingerbread at the Willow Wood

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Enjoying Life

Two weeks ago, on the nine month anniversary of my heart surgery my wife and I took a 70 mile bicycle tour of local organic farms on a sunny summer's day.

We enjoyed a great ride. We're training for a tour of Oregon next month.

Besides riding bicycles, I've also been paddling a lot recently. Here's a photo a friend took of me  during a recent Tuesday evening paddle.