Sunday, August 23, 2015

Enjoying Life

Two weeks ago, on the nine month anniversary of my heart surgery my wife and I took a 70 mile bicycle tour of local organic farms on a sunny summer's day.

We enjoyed a great ride. We're training for a tour of Oregon next month.

Besides riding bicycles, I've also been paddling a lot recently. Here's a photo a friend took of me  during a recent Tuesday evening paddle.


George said...

Hi Dan ~ Neither of us has posted much recently, but I was glad to hear from you in this blog. Glad to know that your heart surgery is a thing of the past and that you are back to the things that bring joy to your life. All the best to you as you paddle and bike further into your individual journey.

Alden Smith said...

Dan, kayaking and cycling is something I do myself as exercise - effortless (more or less) with my dodgy knee.

I like the look of your kayak. I notice it doesn't have a rudder, mine has got a rudder that I operate with foot pedals from the cockpit - how do you find steering her? In windy conditions? I don't think there is any "correct" way only preferences : > )

Dan Gurney said...

Hi George,

Thanks for the comment and good wishes. I'm doing well and grateful for the wonders doctors can do these days.

Dan Gurney said...


I've got a kayak with a rudder too. I use the rudder-equipped kayak when using an aftermarket sailing rig I bought to keep sailboat fever at bay.

The other kayak, an Eddyline Fathom, has a skeg near the stern of the kayak which I can retract or deploy in the water as needed. With the skeg up inside the hull the kayak weathercocks slightly in a breeze. With the skeg fully down in the water the kayak leecocks slightly.

So by adjusting the skeg somewhere in the middle I can easily get the kayak to track perfectly in any wind condition. It's simpler than a rudder and causes less drag, too.

For pure paddling enjoyment I prefer the skeg.