Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Late Afternoon Paddle

My morning was spent at the car dealership getting my Subaru its 12-month service.

At nearly noon I was at Chaz's Hub Cyclery to have a drum brake installed on our tandem—something safety requires.

So by early afternoon I was eager to get out to Jenner to see the mouth of the Russian River which had opened on Sunday.

I paddled out to the mouth to see a great deal of bird activity. Most interesting were the 200 or so Brown Pelicans who were standing on both sides of the mouth of the river, apparently digesting their catches of the day. A couple of dozen more were in the water, rhythmically beating their wings against the surface of the river. I'm not sure what that behavior accomplishes; it didn't seem as though they were feeding.

Seals hauled out at left; pelicans and gulls at right

Other pelicans were diving into the water to catch a mid-afternoon meal.

I had no intention of paddling very far, but in the end I moseyed up the river about 5 miles and pulled out for a break across from Willowcreek campground.

A short break on a rocky shore.
I paddled back in time to see the sun set at the mouth of the river and packed up my boat in the last light of day. I was the only person on the river, but had lots of company from birds and harbor seals and even one sea lion.

Looking out towards the mouth
Here's a map of my paddling route today:

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