Sunday, October 4, 2015

Mouth of Tomales Bay

I was among fourteen friends paddling on Tomales Bay this morning. We left Miller Park (a.k.a. Nick's Cove) at about 9:15.

Starting off

We paddled northwest, up the bay towards Tom's Point where we stopped briefly before crossing to the Point Reyes shore, the better the catch the waning ebbtide current running out the bay.

North of Tom's Point, looking northwest towards the mouth

 We paddled until we got just outside the mouth of Tomales Bay where it empties into Bodega Bay. The last beach with an easy protected shoreline is Avila's Beach where we pulled our boats out of the water and took a walk further up Tomales Point.

Looking back into the bay from Avila's Beach
Having paddled four miles and walked maybe a third of a mile, we decided it was time for lunch (though I think it was still before 11:00) and spread out a sumptuous potluck meal we all enjoyed into the early afternoon hours.

The paddle back was aided by a flooding current that carried us back to Nick's Cove.

The Never Too Late docked at our PP "clubhouse."
Some stayed on to enjoy an IPA at the clubhouse on the end of the pier at Nick's.

The route as mapped by my iPhone:

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