Saturday, October 3, 2015

Paddling the River

Since getting back from Cycle Oregon 2015, I've been interested in striking a better balance between my outdoor activities which are primarily bicycling, hiking, and kayaking. (Training for Cycle Oregon decidedly tilted my activities towards cycling.)

In fact, I've been on a bike only once since getting back from Oregon about two weeks ago. I've done quite a bit more paddling. The first two days of October I've paddled at the mouth of the Russian River which for the present is closed. The river level is high, about 6.5 ft above sea level at the Jenner launch ramp, which makes for a full river and good views from the boat.

I met an interesting kindred spirit out there, a fellow named Bob Noble, who paddles out there very regularly and keeps a blog about his outings at his blog called Bob's Eyes. He takes good photos of the things he sees.

Bob inspired me to go out there two days in a row, something I don't often do. Here's a photo that I took while out there yesterday.

Bob also got me thinking about blogging again. I thought it might be fun to keep a log of the things I'm doing now that I'm retired.

Hence this post.


Alden Smith said...

Great that you are thinking of Blogging a bit more. You are certainly involved in a lot of healthy heart activity! That's great, join me in my quest to reach 101 years of age with a fully intact mind and body!

Dan Gurney said...

Thanks! I'm thinking about blogging a bit more frequently, especially about my paddling trips. I'm definitely with you in trying to stay fit and happy for as long as I can. So far so good.